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What is SOUL N stretch?

A Core Body conditioning, stability ball programme, which will not only tone you, but will bring back confidence in your agility & burn calories.  

Book A Class

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Before booking please take a moment to look at our terms and conditions below.

Terms & Conditions


-  Soul n Stretch is an all over workout. It is required that you carry a towel and water

    with you. Suitable footwear (trainers recommended) should be worn. 

-  If you have any medical needs that need to be addressed, please make sure that it is reported

    prior to the session as we will not liable for any injuries or harm as a result. (A Par Q form

    will be available in due course which we will use to gather your medical and health information.)

-  If you need to cancel a booking for a class, do so in plenty of time prior to the day of the class.

    Late cancellations will NOT be refunded but can be rolled over to the next session

    within a two week period.


Q: What is the weight limit on the Balance Balls?


A:  Up to 300 lbs

Q: Can I attend Soul n Stretch class if I have injuries?

A:  Yes! The exercise balls used in Soul n Stretch have been used for over 40 years in rehabilitation

     and therapy. They have become very 'trendy' with Pilates, Physio therapists & fitness trainers. 

Q: Will I get a good workout from Soul n Stretch? 

A:  Yes, Soul n Stretch workout is an all over body workout. The trick to successfully use your

     swissball is knowing exactly what to do. 

Q: What will Soul n Stretch help me with? 

A:  Soul n Stretch will help you eliminate your pain, improves muscular endurance, strengthen, 

     attain better posture , body awareness and co-ordination. also improves your balance and flexibility.

If you have any other general concerns about Soul n Stretch or if you have any other questions 

feel free to Contact Us.



273 Norbury Crescent, London SW16 4LF


Thursdays 18:30pm - 19:15pm

Parking Information

No Parking within the venue,

Off street parking around venue

Transport information: 

- Endeavour Halls is 15 minutes walk from Norbury Station and 18 minutes walk from Thorton Heath

-Bus Routes: 50.

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