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New Year, New Hope, New Way to Workout together

With the current uncertain climate, of Tier 2s to Tier 3, to Tier 4 to full on Lockdowns, Don't lose hope! As crazy and as necessary things are at the minute, we at Serece-Fit want to ensure your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing is taken care of through fitness.

SO! we will be pushing forwards with our new programs which will be commencing from mid next week! BUT!.... We will be doing a few workouts this week in-between training sessions and exams. We are hoping that you will be able to join us.

Starting from this Wednesday 10am we will start off with Dance Fit, followed by Tone it at 12:30pm

Thursday 10am will be Combat Box, and later at 12:30pm is Core.

Then on Friday at 10am will be Afro Fit, followed by Weight on it at 12:30pm.

That will mostly be it for this week to see how things pan out and then next week we should be rolling fully with the added classes, that is Barre Fitness, Stretch and Stability Ball and also Resistant Band training* (You will need to buy these yourselves, they have really good offers both on eBay or Amazon [Links below])


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